Monday, January 20, 2014

Just january

Things have been pretty warm around here considering its Utah in January!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Good news

We went to Karver's Dr. early this morning.  Got x-rays done. When Jeremy and I saw this x-ray, we worried. This does not look good. We thought for sure we had surgery and a LONG road to recovery ahead of us. All we could thing was.. this does not look good, this does not look good.

The dr. walked in and said "Karver's x-rays look great. He is healing really well." WHAT??!!? then she proceeded to tell us about how yes his bone is separated a bit, but it will remodel itself nicely. :) YIPEEE!!!!! No surgery. And she is very confident that in 5 weeks we can go in and get it his cast REMOVED!!!

Good news!!

Lets compare just for fun.. break from 3 yrs ago.. and current break

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The story

*** I don't post this for sympathy or feel sorries (is that a word? pretty sure its not). I post it for my record and memory and so karver can read about it someday.
*** I didn't proof read it at all. :( sorry

Brigham City for our nephew/cousins 1st birthday party! I decided to head over early so I could help decorate. As my mother-in-law and I were driving away we saw Jeremy waving his arms saying STOP. We stoppend and he was standing by the trampoline with Karver in his arms. We examined him and he seemed okay. He said his leg hurt, but he didn't seem to be in too much distress so I decided to still go decorate but I told Jeremy.. "let me know when he walks on it."
While there I kept waiting to hear my phone ring or vibrate to let me know Karver was playing on the trampoline again.. well.. no phone call. I called Jeremy and he said he wasn't coming to the party because he was going to stay with karver (who was now asleep). I unconfidently said okay I will see you when its done. I texted and called in-between cake and presents. Everybody seemed to think he had just gotten a muscle knot or pulled his muscle. I tried to talk myself into that but just couldn't.  Karver laid on the bed brave and strong with a quivering lip. It was when I got to see him that I knew something was NOT okay. I immediately said "lets take him to get an x-ray." The others tried to calm me down and say he just needed to rest. But I COULDNT shake the feeling. So.. we went to get it x-rayed.
Intermountain Urgent Care in Logan. We walk in, sign up, wait and see the Dr. Dr. asks Karver to wiggle his toes, to straighten his leg, and fially I ask, "could we just get an x-ray, for peace of mind." The nurse told us we would take 3 x-rays from different angles. Karver laid on the bed brave and strong with a quivering lip. The 1st x-ray was taken and I walked to Karver's side as Jeremy went to view the x-ray develop.
"Well, we wont need to take more than one x-ray!" I hear Jeremy and the nurse say almost simultaneously. My heart jumped for joy at 1st thinking "oh it must look perfect." Then I looked at Jeremy's face and my heart sank.. DEEP. I ran over to see the x-ray myself.... what .... in .... the ... world. SERIOUSLY!!?? Is this even allowed to happen to this sweet child..TWICE?
The Dr. there told us that Karver needed to go the ER and would most likely have to have surgery.
Logan ER and called family on the way. Karver laid on the bed brave and strong with a quivering lip We got a few more x-rays done at the Logan ER and found the Ortho there was not comfortable taking care of this kind of break. We were told there that we needed to head to primary children's and prepare most likely for a surgery. They had to give him a soft cast for transport. They prepped it.. Karver's quivering lip turned into a full blown panic attack and cry fest. He looked at me and squeezed my hand and said "I'm scared!!!" I looked away so he didn't see me cry. But I just prayed and looked back and him and squeezed his hand back. They casted him, and we were off.
Primary Childrens  Each time we moved Karver he SCREAMED in pain (understandably). Transporting him from here to there.. blah blah .. finally we were at primary children's and I felt good. I knew the pain was almost OVER WITH!  Karver laid on the bed brave and strong with a quivering lip The Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon came in and we recognized her, the same Dr. that casted his leg the 1st time. She happened to be on call that night. :) I smiled again, because I knew and trusted her. She recognized our faces and Karvers too. Then I smiled again when she told me he didn't need surgery. They would try a Spica cast again. That I could do. Hrs later he was casted. Things went smoothly.
That night Primary Children's Hospital   LONGEST AND HARDEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!
I know I can take these next 6-10 weeks. I know it. How do I know it? Because I survived the WORST NIGHT EVER!!! There is only up hill from there.
Karver got out of surgery at almost exactly midnight. Got out of recovery 1/2 hr later. We spent that night in the hospital. For some reason they couldn't get his pain under control. They pilled the pain meds and muscle relaxers and anti nausea and this and that and the other into him. Every 3-5min, or 10 min if we were lucky, he would wake up for a drugged sleep and SCREAM flailing his arms and thrashing his head. His voice was raw and scratchy (every breathe sounded like seal bark) from the breathing tube. The nurses would come in from their station, the oxygen was close by. Poor kid didn't sleep more than 10 minutes in a row all night. The Dr. finally came in and said they couldn't give him any more... he was already maxed. Just then Karver woke again for about the trillionth time and thrashed in pain. I thought the night would NEVER end.... but... it did
The NEXT MORNING- He woke. The sun rose. :) Karver laid on the bed brave and strong with a smile He talked (not screamed). He could breath (not bark). He was doing better. They thought they would have to admit him.. they didn't :) We got our papers and meds and went HOME!!! We have been home for 2 days now ( I think) and he smiles, he laughs, he is loopy :) He SLEEPS!!!!!!!

We have had phone calls, texts, messages, notes, gifts, dinners, games, books, visitors, stuffed animals, treats  and so much more! I am soo amazed at people. Their love, and thoughtfulness. It inspires me. I love you! Thank you!!

Random facts;
Nursed were tell me how amazing he was. He didn't scream or cry and yell. He just laid there. This kid is amazing!!!
There will be pictures of the break soon ( he broke 70% of his femur. it is a vertical break with a hair line fracture across).
I will be having dental surgery on the 10th and Karver will go in for his check up on Friday ( here we will see if the cast is working or if he will have to have a VERY invasive surgery. Prayers for both would be appreciated. Positive thought are great too .. but I believe in prayer and the power of it. So please if it doesn't offend you, if it wont hurt you to.. please pray for us. :) Love you to the moon and BACK!!!


Soft cast from Logan regional

He sleeps